Adult Group B’nei Mitzvah at Chochmat Halev in Berkeley, CA

After studying over a period of almost two years, seven adult students came together for a group B’nei Mitzvah at Chochmat Halev. My wife, Janie, was among the seven and I’m very proud of her! Teaching the group was friend , a nationally sought after Jewish service leader. It was a beautiful service. I’ll have video to share soon so check back here!

Bat Mitzvah Danielle Salzman sang during the group B'nei Mitzvah Service at Chochmat HalevRabbi Saraleya Schley greets another member of Chochmat HalevStudy Partner Ian McPherson Helps Lead the Torah ReadingJanie, joined by Danielle, reads from the TorahBat Mitzvah Janie hugs Julie Batz, Service co-leader at Chochmat Halev, Berkeley

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