Beautiful Beth Israel Berkeley Wedding of SaraLeya & Steve

Beth Israel Berkeley CA Wedding of SaraLeya and Steve

What a treat to get to witness and photograph SaraLeya and Steve’s wedding! I’ve known SaraLeya for many years both as a friend, Rabbi and such a sweet source of loving support when I went through a major illness. It was so happy to get a acquainted with the family she married into and see how wonderful a group of people they are! Both she and I were so grateful and moved at the miracles of that day; that she has found such a wonderful partner to join in marriage, and the blessing that I made it through my illness six years ago and could be here to document this special day. Given all involved, it was an extremely moving experience for me to be there.


The Groom Arrives at the Kabbat Panim to see his Bride for the First Time in a Week at an Orthodox Jewish Wedding in Berkeley
Bride and Groom greet each other at their Orthodox Jewish Wedding at Congregation Beth Isreal in Berkeley California right before the Bedken
The groom holds up the wedding ring before putting it on his bride at their Modern Orthodox Jewish Wedding at Congregation Beth Israel in Berkeley, California
Groom prepares to break the glass at his orthodox Jewish Wedding in Berkeley, CA
The groom stomps on the glass at his Berkeley, Jewish, Wedding at Congregation Beth Israel to symbolize the impermenance and brokenness of all things.
Goom points with enthusiasm as he is raised on a chair at his Berkeley Jewish wedding at Congregation Beth Israel

The Bride and Groom are raised up on chairs to participate in the hora at their jewish wedding. In keeping with orthodox traditions they both hold a cloth rather than each other and reach over the separation between women and men.
Two guests of the Bridge and Groom dance together in a traditional east european dance while holding hands and crouched above the ground at a traditional jewish wedding in Berkeley, CA at Congregation Beth Israel.


This day wouldn’t have been possible without the special people who helped produce it. The music was terrific with so much talent, the food was delicious and sustainable with some of the best wild salmon I’ve had at a wedding. Rabbi Eliahu Klein gave a deep and meaningful service. Here are some of those special people:

Officiant: Rabbi Eliahu Klein
Music:      Saul Kaye, Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks, Aaron Wheels Bolsta
Food:        Dina’s Kosher Catering

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